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Classic Lash Extensions

Our in-house lash specialist Leanne has 8 years’ experience creating beautiful natural lash extensions and loves giving clients the lashes they’ve always dreamed of. Trained with Nouveau Lashes, Leanne will give you perfectly applied classic lash extensions, while you lie back and relax. Highly experienced and very thorough, Leanne ensures all lashes applied are the correct length and thickness and perfectly separated to ensure the natural lash is protected.

What are eyelash extensions?
Individual synthetic lashes are adhered to each single lash seamlessly to create a natural appearance. Available in a variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths, Leanne will consult with you before your treatment to ensure you receive the best result. Individual eyelashes differ from strip lashes as they remain attached to the eyelash permanently until the lash sheds or until you wish to remove them. This makes them perfect for holidays, weddings, over the Christmas party period, or simply because you would like the benefit of waking up with perfect eyelashes every day!

Is it a one-off treatment?
You can of course have this as a one-off treatment, maybe as a treat or for a special occasion. Your options would be to purchase a removal kit which you can easily do at home when you wish to no longer have your lashes on, or you can pop in and see Leanne to have them removed professionally, or simply let them grow out and shed with your natural hair cycle.

If you wish to maintain your eyelashes you will require infills every 2-3 weeks in order to keep a full, even set. Eyelashes naturally shed in 3 cycles, so as the hair grows out and sheds, the extension will shed with it. A new hair will grow in its place, ready to have another extension applied at your infill appointment.

Can they damage my natural lashes?
Leanne is highly trained and extremely thorough, ensuring the lashes applied are all the correct length and thickness and separated perfectly to avoid any damage to the natural lash. Simple at home aftercare should be followed to ensure your lashes are well looked after in between appointments, which Leanne will be delighted to talk through with you before you leave the salon.

Classic Lash Extensions £65.00
Classic 2 Week Infills £32.00
Classic 3 Week Infills
price on request
Lash Removal  £15.00
Home Removal Kit £9.99
Foaming Lash Cleanser £14.99
Lash Conditioning Serum £19.99

To book or for more information:

Call Leanne: 07838 791114 | Email:

A £10 deposit via cash or bank transfer will be required to secure your appointment, please note your appointment will not be confirmed until this has been received. Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to fill out a consultation card. We also ask you to remove contact lenses and eye makeup in advance to allow as much time as possibly on your lash treatment! Late arrival could mean your treatment being cancelled or less time available to apply your beautiful new lashes.

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