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10% Discount On All SPF Products!

10% Discount on all SPF Products!


A range of Dermalogica and Jan Marini SPF products are in the salon now and we will be offering a 10% discount on all throughout the summer.

This summer we have ‘products’ of the month…

Basically, any of our skin-care products that contain the all-important SPF element – vital at this time  of year. Over exposure to the sun can lead to sun burn, premature ageing and skin cancer. So, it has never been more important to make sure you have adequate protection.

We are aware of the debate and some questions surrounding sunscreens, so thought it might be useful to put together a few  sunscreen FAQs for you that will help debunk the myths!

Are sunscreens safe?
The use of sunscreen has decades of data that proves it prevents sunburn and reduces the risk of developing skin cancer. Many studies that cite potential concerns with sunscreen agents  have been misrepresented with extrapolations that are almost impossible to replicate in humans. Cancer research charities and the medical fraternity believe the public health risks of developing life-threatening skin cancers when unprotected, far outweigh any potential risk of using a sunscreen, when they are used according to the current topical recommendations. They continue to recommend the use of sunscreens as part of safe sun behaviour.

Will the sun dry my spots up?
No, as we unwind on the beach our stress hormones will begin to level out. As acne is exacerbated by stress, it makes sense that as we relax our acne may improve. But this is not a cure. New research suggests that UV may exacerbate acne while the heat and sometimes clogging sunscreens can add to the problem.

Is the SPF in my make-up enough to protect my skin?
No. The problem with relying on the SPF in your make-up is that you are just not getting enough of it. The easiest solution is to use a moisturiser or primer (or both!) that also contains sunscreen. It’s good to have an SPF in your make-up but consider it a bonus, not your main safeguard.

What is a broad-spectrum sunscreen?
It provides more than simply SPF protection from UVB radiation which causes burning and skin cancer. These formulas also provide protection from UVA which contributes to ageing and skin cancer.

How much protection do sunscreens provide?
SPF-15 blocks 93% of UVB
SPF-30 blocks 96% of UVB
SPF-50 blocks 98% of UVB

Do two layers of SPF-15 make an SPF-30?
No! Adding another layer on top of an existing layer of sunscreen does not double the sun protection factor. Two layers of SPF-15 sunscreen remains an SPF-15 and it does not become a SPF-30. Reapply every two hours if outside in summer months or on holiday in the sun.

Does sunscreen last for years?
No, sunscreens have an expiry (often 12 months) after which they will no longer be effective. So be sure to replenish every year!

Will using sunscreen prevent Vitamin D production?
No, as sunscreens can’t block 100% of UV, so Vitamin D production can be achieved even whilst wearing sunscreen. Studies have shown that with a small amount of incidental exposure in daylight hours, such as walking to the car or hanging out the washing, skin can produce enough levels of Vitamin D. You should always apply sunscreens 30 minutes prior to exposure, even if you intend to boost your Vitamin D.

How much sunscreen should I apply?
The application to achieve the full SPF in your product is;
30ml (a shot glass full) for a full body
5ml (a teaspoon) for face, neck and chest

Apply 30 minutes prior to exposure and reapply every 2 hours or after swimming. We hope this helps and  goes someway to answering some of the questions we are frequently asked in the salon.

A range of Dermalogica and Jan Marini SPF products are available from Icon Beauty and we will be offering a 10% discount on all throughout July and August 2019.

Be sure to pop in and pick up your supply before heading out on holiday or into the sun 😎

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