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Introducing Fiona Reed Reflexology

This month we are delighted to be offering Reflexology as a service for the first time at Icon Beauty. We are sure it will be a therapy many of our you will both enjoy and benefit from and it marks the start of a very exciting new chapter in the salon. We are extremely lucky to have teamed up with Fiona Reed, who is not only highly experienced but also amazingly friendly and approachable – you are going to love her and she’s already a great asset to the team!

About Fiona
Fiona has been a fully qualified Reflexologist since 1998 and treats clients for a wide range of health conditions. Her specialism lies in Women’s Health, Fertility, and Pregnancy Reflexology, but she also offers more general relaxation, rebalancing and restorative Reflexology treatments.

She took her initial training with the International Federation of Reflexologists and is a full member of the Association of Reflexologists, and the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists. She has undertaken post-graduate training in Pregnancy Reflexology with Suzanne Enzer’s Consortium, and Fertility Reflexology with Barbara Scott of Seren Natural Fertility and attends regular masterclasses, seminars, lectures and workshops as continued professional development to make sure she’s always fully up-to-date with new techniques and information. She is also studying for a 3 Year Nutrition Diploma to enable her to support clients further as fully believes nutrition is paramount in improving and maintaining our optimum health and well-being. This is one busy lady!

Conditions Reflexology Can Help With
If you suffer from any of the following symptoms, Fiona can help. She has great results with a wide range of conditions including;
Stress and anxiety
High blood pressure
Hormonal issues
Back pain
Insomnia and sleeping issues
Lymphatic drainage
About Reflexology

But what exactly is Reflexology? Many of us have an idea (it’s something to with feet, right?!) but are not entirely sure. In a nutshell, Reflexology is a natural healing therapy where pressure is applied to minute reflex points in the feet. These points correspond to every part, organ and function of the body. It encourages an improvement in nerve and blood supply, restores balance to the body and deeply relaxes the patient. It is a most effective reliever of stress.

Reflexology also aids our natural powers of recovery and allows the body to heal itself. It brings about change physically, mentally and spiritually. It is used confidently in treating most common ailments and provides many health benefits which an increasing number of people are enjoyable in their everyday life.

Who has Reflexology?
Most people can benefit from Reflexology. The therapy brings relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions and is suitable for all ages. It is also excellent throughout pregnancy, during labour and postnatally.

It works by:
• Balancing all systems of the body, removing toxins, congestion and energy blockages.
• Deeply relaxing the whole body and bringing about a general feeling well being.
• Relaxing nervous tension and improving nerve function thereby calming the mind and emotions.
• Removing tension from muscles and joints.
• Improving circulation and the efficiency of the digestive system.
• Strengthening the immune system
• Balance the functions of internal organs, glands and control systems of the body.

Taster Day
From the end of April, Fiona will be based on the top floor of Icon Beauty in one of our brand-new, double sized, therapy rooms. She is launching with a free taster day on Saturday 27th April and this is a great opportunity to meet Fiona and enjoy a complimentary treatment. Spaces are filling up fast but we do currently have a couple of slots available. To book call 0117 924 5566 (subject to availability, waiting list available).

More Info
For more information on the treatments available, or for an informal and confidential chat regarding any issues you may want to discuss, Fiona would love to hear from you.
Please call to call: 07909 546250 or email:

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