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Guest Spot Blog: Vicki’s Quick Guide to Christmas Snacking

Do you notice every time you go into the kitchen you think, ‘food, hmmmm I could eat something…’ My first tip is to start by making a big effort to say NO or drink a large glass of water to fill you up a bit and keep you going until meal time. This will help you will break the ‘kitchen snack’ habit association.

Be prepared
If  you are going to a party or drinks do where  you know there will be lots of snacks, eat beforehand. If I am hungry when I arrive at a party, I can struggle to resist the canapes, so I always have a pre- party snack. If you are by the buffet hungry, the temptation will be to eat every crisp and nut going!

Stay hydrated
On the day of a big night out (and the day after), make a conscious effort to drink 6–8 glasses of water. Even mild dehydration can lead to a headache and it’s a good habit to get into. Once at the party try and have a glass of water for every 2 drinks and if possible, stick to one type of alcoholic drink. And take a glass of water to bed!

The day after
After a big night out don’t be tempted to skip meals, even if you may have over-indulged.  A great morning after breakfast is an omelette packed with vegetables.  Mushrooms are great for energising B vitamins, tomatoes for vitamin C and onions for their liver-friendly sulphur compounds. If I have spinach to hand, I’ll add a generous handful because it’s a great source of folate.  If cooked breakfasts aren’t your thing try a smoothie made with fruits like bananas, oranges or kiwi. All rich in potassium which will  help replenish any electrolytes lost due to the diuretic effects of alcohol.

My Christmas snacking tips:

  • Have a few fresh dates to hand instead of always opting for chocolate or Christmas cake.
  • Cook with Cacao powder, a healthier option than cocoa powder or baking chocolate and just as tasty.
  • Use cinnamon on foods as this can help reduce your sugar cravings.
  • Try and eat a decent amount of protein and lots of veggies as these will fill you up and stop you from snacking.
  • A great addition to breakfast or pre-party snack is Greek, Skyr or Alpro non-dairy yoghurt. The protein will fill you up and you can always add a few seeds and berries to make it more wholesome. Probiotic yogurt will help boost your immunity as well as combat some of the less beneficial effects of the party season, like too much alcohol and not enough sleep.
  • Rice, corn cakes and pure nut butters are excellent alternatives to the biscuit tin.
  • A handful of plain nuts are also excellent sources of energy but be careful to avoid the fried and roasted varieties.
  • Boiled eggs – pre-cook a few, pop them in the fridge  and they are all ready for when you  need something healthy, quickly.
  • Freeze bananas and blend with a dash of milk for a  super creamy ice cream (you’ll be amazed at how close to soft serve this is  and just add cacao for a chocolaty version).
  • Seeds seeds seeds. I whack a load of seeds (pumpkin is my fav) on a baking tray, cover with soy sauce (and chilli flakes if you like it hot!). Pop in a medium heat oven for 10 minutes or so until they start to pop. Stir occasionally and keep an eye on them so they don’t burn.

Come join my healthy Advent calendar!
Is December quite manic for you?  Do you spend quite a lot of time rushing about, drinking  a bit too much or eating rather a lot of chocolate, mince pies or cheese? If so, you are welcome to join my fun little Christmas challenge…Each day I will post on Facebook and Instagram a little something for you and your family to aim for – whether it be an activity, healthy foods to try or some simple relaxation!

Look at it as your ‘HEALTHY’ Advent calendar!  It’s a bit of fun, not too serious and is for everyone from age 5 to 65,  pregnant or just had a baby in the last 10 weeks!

You don’t need to do anything to take part – just ‘like’ my Facebook page: Vicki Hill Women’s Health & Fitness page  HERE   and post photos or examples of your achievements each day!

Have a fantastic time over Christmas and I’ll look forward to being back here in the new year.

See you soon

Vicki x

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