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Guest Spot Blog: Meet Vicki Hill

‘I am really excited to be here and looking forward to sharing with you some simple tips on how to keep in shape. Nothing scary, just little things we can all be doing every week to get the most out of ourselves’ 

Vicki x

How do you know Icon Beauty?  A friend of mine first introduced me to the salon many years ago. The service I receive is always so good and professional that I have never thought about going anywhere else.

Do you live locally?  Yes, I live just around the corner, but would happily jump on my bike and cycle to you, even if you were further away!
What do you like most about the area? I love the fact that Gloucester Road has everything you need. Over the years a huge effort has been made to improve the area and we now have many new and thriving businesses – I am a big fan of independents and always try to shop locally. I love that I can grab a massage, see an osteo, get my legs waxed, have a first-class haircut and eat and drink – all at fab places right on my doorstep. We also have many lovely parks close by to get a daily blast of fresh air in, we really are very lucky.

What made you start Vicki Hill PT?  I have always been a sportsperson and at the time I wasn’t really enjoying my job, so I decided to re-train as a personal trainer. That was twelve years ago and I have never looked back! I also made the decision to move to Gloucester Road and it was the best thing I could have done.

What do you specialise in and what kind of clients are you best at helping? A year or so after becoming a PT, I found more and more women were coming to me for advice, either during their pregnancy or after having a baby. I felt I needed to know more about what I could specifically offer them, so I decided to specialise in pregnancy and post-natal. Over the past ten years my specialism has become even more focused, and I now work with ladies who have issues with their pelvic floor or who still have a very weak tummy (Diastasis Recti). I am also a Holistic Core Restore® coach and my classes and one-to-one sessions take my clients through small exercises and breath work, to better connect their core and pelvic floor and get them working together again.

What do you like to do to relax unwind?  Ha-ha! What’s that?! Seriously though, it is something I always advise my ladies to take time out to do. My relaxation is all about a nice run with my gorgeous dog Mitzy and ‘our time’ outdoors. Otherwise you can find the hubby and I on the terraces at Ashton Gate. We are Bristol Rugby fans and love to watch a good game with our friends. I also love a meal out with a nice glass of wine!

What’s your favourite places in Bristol?  I love Blaise Castle, for both running and walking my dog, and I like to spend time down by the docks on the waterfront. I also love St Andrews Park and Horfield Common and many of the fab restaurants and bars on the Gloucester Road.
What kind of tips can we look forward to you giving us every month? Lots of exercise and diet tips that are easy to incorporate into busy lives and I am going to start with some ideas on how best to approach the run up to Christmas.

My Pre-Festive Season Tips…
If you want to look fab for Christmas, then NOW is the time to start upping your exercise. To get the best toning results you should really be looking at doing three to four sessions a week. So, get your diary out, mark the days you will hit the gym or go to classes and try and stick to it. To build more tone, consistency is the key, so the more you can plan ahead, the better.

Similarly, with diet. We are heading into the snuggling up at home months and you might find you are getting hungrier and find it harder to stop picking. Really focus on making sure you are eating enough, but enough of the right foods …so, lots of vegetables at lunch and dinner and plenty of protein which will fill you up for longer.

Keep portion sizes smaller and opt for more of the less starchy carbs rather than avoiding carbs altogether, as we do need them. Eat more non-white carbs like bulgur wheat, quinoa, brown rice and sweet potatoes. If you love bread, keep an eye on your daily intake and cut down if needs be. And remember it is as much about what you put on bread, as the bread itself! We do need still need carbs though, as they give us the essential fibre and energy required to give a balanced diet, and the right quantities will prevent you from snacking too often.

Next month we will be looking at some fun and healthier snacking options!

See you soon,

Vicki x

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