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Guest Spot Blog: Everyone needs this book in their lives!

I started my latest Holistic Core Restore® course this month and it led me to delve back into my nutrition books as I’m keen to talk about the best foods we can eat to help internal mending.

Well, I’ll let you into a little secret…One of my all-time BEST books and the one I would recommend buying above all others is ‘How to Eat Better’ by James Wong. I love it as it is an educational book, but it gives good, solid advice on everyday foods. For example, which are the best type of tomatoes to buy? (who would have thought the little tiny ones are packed with far more nutrition than the big ones!)

James also talks about the best ways to store and cook everyday foods to get the most from them. Most his advice is simple stuff that is super easy to incorporate into our busy lives. Top tip of his, if you love white bread but know it isn’t the best thing for you – freeze it and then toast it from frozen – the chemical changes that occur during the toasting process remove the starchy elements.

Similarly, with starchy carbs. If you love pasta and potatoes, cook them first, leave them to cool and then reheat/cook them. Again, whoosh goes the starchy content and hello to more nutritional content!

My absolute favourite tip concerns broccoli as it’s a vegetable I love. Apparently, this is a vegetable that loses huge amounts of its nutritional benefits once it has been cut down and cooked. But, by just adding mustard seeds or making a mustard dressing to cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli) can increase their health benefits back to the same amount as when raw – WOW!

It might not come as a surprise when you discover James Wong is a scientist. His interest in food combined with his specialist background kick-started his research into everyday fruit and vegetables and the methods and means of changing them all into ‘superfoods’.

Honestly, If you are keen to get more nutrients into you and your family’s diet, this is the best book out there. I have mentioned this before; I am no cook, but I have successfully followed James Wong’s advice and some of his delicious recipes in the book. It is a very interesting read and well worth investing in. Available online now and in all good bookstores (just remember, you heard it here first!)

Have a great week

Vicki x

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